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3-A Intervention Tool Workshops

   For Frontline Healthcare Workers Servicing Families of the Chronically Ill:

Acknowledging, Assessing, Assisting the Impacting Situational Losses of Adversity


Application of the 3-A Tool in Community Settings: 

"Capturing the grief that accompanies the caregiving experience"


This 3 hr. workshop demonstrates application of the 3-A Approach using case scenarios, further developing skills in:


  • Acknowledging and Assessing  the caregivers loss/grief experience

  • Understanding the impact that loss and reaction to loss has on caregiver behaviour

  • Addressing Denial, Resistance and Attachment

  • Assisting family members to adapt and cope, carrying out the role of care providers

  • Recognizing the importance of family members to be in the" know" and in the "now"




                                          Ask about "The Day"

                                A workshop for healthcare workers

                                 A workshop for family caregivers 

                                   Both provided on the same day!   


Closing the gap between family members and healthcare workers with 3-A Acknowledge, Assess, Assist  training!


Click here for more information on "The Day with 3-A"


Application of the 3-A Tool from the Community to Residential Settings


Content of this workshop is similar to the community settings workshop plus addressing issues that apply to residential settings


  • Acknowledging the loss and impact of loss

  • Assessing the caregiver loss/grief experience during the transition from community to nursing home and as the disease progresses

  • Assisting family caregivers to prepare and adapt to nursing homeplacement




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