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Acknowledging the Good, the Bad and a New Year...

Within our North American culture, we are encouraged to acknowledge, assess, assist ourselves at the end of each year - an opportunity for self-development. Self-reflection leads us into making New Year's Resolutions - resolution for change. Our human-constructed calendar help us to draw a line in the sand for endings and new beginnings - the closing of one chapter and entering into another. Our life experiences - births, deaths, marriage, divorce, etc. - also serve the same purpose in a more individual, meaningful way. In supporting, advocating, caring for family members with chronic conditions, we are guided by different lines in the sand depending on the course of the illness. For instanc

Acknowledge,Assess,Assist in the Self-Care Trend

Is self-care trending? It appears so within the business world..... Arianna Huffington in her book,Thrive emphasizes well-being - acknowledged along with money and power- in redefining business success. As the editor and chief of the Huffington Post, it was a life-altering collapse from exhaustion that led Ms. Huffington to assist herself, re-assessing what constituted success and to the writing of her book. We, as family and professional caregivers of the chronically ill, have access to countless articles that emphasize the importance of well-being and self-care. Self-care is an element of the strength-building regimen presented in my own book Caregiving with Strength, offering several ass

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