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Caregiving with Strength by Uncovering the Buried Grief

You never know where your strength is going to come from - it has been said that it comes out of working through adversity and loss. Caregiving with Strength is a book that offers an empowering regimen for those providing care for the chronically ill. Loss and grief processing is presented as a pivotal element of the regimen. Since nobody has died, you may be asking yourself: why grief? It has been found that grief is a major barrier that family caregivers face but gets buried under care demands. It is worth digging up and processing the grief to potentially obtain increased strength. Featured in this book is a method called the 3-A Approach that I developed specifically as a tool to shovel

Bringing 'Normal' Back For Family Caregivers of the Chronically Ill

While attending to other's needs, have you ever felt like there is just too much to deal with, struggling to cope with the demands, feeling the emotional turmoil and just not knowing how much longer you can do what you are doing? Have you felt like you are going crazy? Do you feel like that now? If you have answered "Yes' to any or all of the above questions.... You are not alone. There are others who feel the same way - to the point that the feeling of 'going crazy' is 'normal' however, caregivers go into their doctors feeling 'not normal' and more often than not walk out with an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant prescription or both. The situation is a major culprit.... The feeling of 'going

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