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Dealing with the Holidays as a Family Caregiver - Compiled

Do you feel like taking a slow boat to somewhere and packing in the holidays with it? Some family caregivers do just that if the person they are caring for can travel - perhaps a cruise or resort. Whether it is the first time or several years of spending the holidays while caring for a spouse or parent with an illness such as Alzheimer's, Stroke, MS, Parkinson's and so on, it can be quite challenging. People who have done it for years do have the advantage over those who are caregiving during the holidays for the first time since they have past experience to draw from In this article, I am compiling writings from other authors since the messages are similar to what I would write to acknowled

Feeling Sad During the Holidays? Acknowledge, Assess, Assist

The words 'jolly' and 'festive' describe the desired atmosphere of the Christmas season. People are expected to feel 'jolly' and 'festive.' It is the holiday when people set their problems aside, are social and enjoy coming together with family and friends. When I made home visits as a community outreach social worker in dementia care, I marveled at the lengths some of the family caregivers went to decorate their homes to be' festive' despite being burdened with heavy care demands. I fondly remember one such caregiver who absolutely loved Christmas. She had so many boxes full of decorations that filled her home. The holidays seemed to energize and uplifted her and others.....but not all of

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