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Acknowledging that Good Can Come from Grieving?

A family leaves the city for a well deserved holiday,realizing once on the plane that they left their 10 year old child at Home Alone! Good Grief! A woman with Alzheimer's turned on the microwave for 20 minutes with nothing in it while she was at Home Alone! Good Grief! Fortunately her spouse came home in time to turn off the microwave. It is not unusual to exclaim Good Grief! when something bad or shocking occurs. This figure of speech can be considered a contradiction, though, since grief is most often viewed in a negative light. But, grief is not all bad. Once you delve into the journey of grief processing, it can help you over time to feel better. The grief you experience from adversit

Is Hiding Your Family Problems Helping You ?

We openly invest in public businesses on the stock market, openly use public washrooms and are often even open about our political views. So why are we not open when it comes to our challenging life circumstances and mental issues? Don't we all have them in one way or another? Yet we keep them so private. I burned out a number of years ago and have been seeing a therapist for a number of years. There - it's out - now - note, the operative word is NOW - that I am better. When I was not well, it was a huge secret that just less than a handful of people knew. I was experiencing so much shame that went along with it as well. I was not able to practice as the competent and confident social worke

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