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Why Grieve? Don't Family Caregivers Have Enough to Deal with?

Whether you deal with your grief or not, your grief exists. It can manifest in many ways such as panic attacks, headaches or the "broken heart syndrome" with symptoms similar to a heart attack. Since the grief exists and can raise havoc, it is beneficial for caregivers to acknowledge, assess, assist with the grief that comes from caring for an ill family member. A form of self-care could be to assist yourself by working through and processing your grief. Not easy but the potential rewards include relief, better well-being, truth and peace. At this point, you, as a family caregiver, may be asking "Am I grieving?" In the grief literature, there is actually a scale to measure caregiver grief fo

Helping Caregivers Walk The Self-Care Walk

Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. In order to benefit from self-care as a caregiver, you have to experience it rather than just go through the motions. If you spend the whole time during a weekend holiday worrying and feeling guilty about leaving your family member, you defeat the purpose of taking the holiday. This example demonstrates the marked difference between going through the motions as opposed to experiencing self-care. Have you been preoccupied with making the person you are caring for comfortable and happy that you have lost sight of your own comforts and joys? The act of providing care for others can become so ingrained over time that it may become awkward to be carin

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