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Helping Caregivers with Tension Relief

Noone has died, so why is there grief? If you only associate grief with death, it is likely that you will disregard the grief that family caregivers experience due to losing a family member, not to death, but rather to illness. However, acknowledging the losses that come with having a chronically ill family member, assessing the impact and assisting to process the grief can be beneficial in relieving tension. Loss of health due to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or other serious ongoing illness means serious changes leading to other losses for the family members such as loss of companionship, freedom, and roles. Finances and future plans can be affected. Unlike the finality of a loss by death, losi

The Comforts of Dealing with Loss During Holidays

What feels more comfortable to you - taking a walk on a sunny, warm day or taking a walk on a rainy, windy, cold day? Most would probably be more comfortable taking a walk on a sunny warm day when conditions are more favorable. There are also serious conditions beyond the weather that can affect your feelings of comfort. Emotional storms brew within when faced with challenges involving situational losses. Such situations could involve divorce, job loss, death and serious family illness. The grief reaction brought on from such losses can make daily living as uncomfortable as walking in the rain on a windy, cold day. In dealing with loss, you can assist yourself by choosing what is comforti

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