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Help Yourself to Mindfulness in Adapting to Adversity & Loss

Leave no stone unturned....this is key when using AcknowledgeAssessAssist as a coping framework through adversity and situational loss™. By being open to the options available, you can be assured everything that can be done to help is being done. Situational Loss™ is the loss of a person, thing or quality resulting from alteration of a life situation related to changes due to illness, body image, environment and death. Mosby's Medical Dictionary 8th Ed., 2009 A major assumption of the 3-A Coping Framework is that wherever there is adversity, there is loss such as in circumstances of divorce, retirement, job layoff and family illness. Acknowledging the losses stemming from your circumstances

Staying In Control as a Caregiver: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist

To control or not to control? That is a good question when it comes to one of the principle issues that individuals have to deal with while caring for family members, especially family members with serious cognitive conditions. Accepting the loss of control, when to take control and when to relinquish the control can make a big difference in coping during the caregiving journey. Following is an excerpt from Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity offering three ways to acknowledge,assess,assist the control factor with each way dependent on the circumstance. Loss of control: In circumstances that involve a family member's advancing dementia or other

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