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Sheryl's Journey Beyond Guilt: A Book Excerpt from "Keeping It Together"

Sheryl P. may not have had all the solutions but she was always there for her daughter trying to make things better. After spending years in and out of intensive care with her daughter, it took a long time for her to AcknowledgeAssessAssist to grasp the importance of self-care and move beyond the guilt. Following is her account: At one time, I did not even know that taking care of me, and not always putting the needs of my daughter first, was an option. It was just what I had always done as a mother with a sick child. The first time I ever even thought I could put my needs first happened after many long days sitting in Intensive Care supporting my daughter, not knowing if she would live or d

Shining Light: A Guilty Caregiver's Story

It is common for family caregivers to feel guilty. In her article The Guilty Caregiver, Leslie Vandever, a journalist by profession, shared her own guilt journey over 3 years while caring for her mother. Her account conveys how acknowledging, assessing, and assisting through the adversity and losses can shine a light towards resolve and relief from your guilt. Leslie disclosed that historically from childhood she had not been really close to her mother, being more partial to her dad. After her dad died, contact with her mom was limited to the holidays and occasional phone conversations. “This worked for both of us”. The distant relationship created feelings of loss and guilt for Leslie when

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