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3-A Coaching through Loss to W.I.N.

When life is going well and circumstances are stable, you can face everything. But, when circumstances are not stable due to a family member's death or other loss experience, it can be difficult to face - to cope with what is going on. It is beneficial for you to have the tools to get through tough times especially when in reality, tough times tend to crop up again and again. The 3-A Coping Tool: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist can serve the purpose of seeing you through tough times. The simplest description is Acknowledge the adversity and loss, Assess the impact, the reaction and Assist with strategies that will strengthen inner and outer resiliency. There are a number of methods such as grie

Silence is Golden but Is it Comfortable? Tips to Console with Kindness and Compassion

"I don't know what to say". You may want to console a close family member, friend or neighbor when you see them soon after experiencing a significant loss but you may be at a loss for words. This is definitely not unusual acknowledging that we live in a culture that has limited time and tolerance for sadness and tears. "How are you?" commonly accompanies greetings between two people whether on the phone or in person. Don't you find the response is most frequently "Fine, How are you?" With further assessment, we may discover that one or both of you may not be fine at all but heaven forbid that should come out in the initial greeting. The plain and simple assessment is that "fine" is the statu

Grief and the Older Adult

How often have you heard the popular adage "Time is a great healer" offered as words of consolation to individuals who are in grief after losing a close family member to death. Although there are many who do not totally agree rather saying that time helps to manage the pain, it does help to understand that grief is a process. Grief is not a static event but rather is ever-changing, in reaction to a significant loss. The loss takes on new meaning with different reactions as you carry on living over the days, months and years after the death of a significant person in your life. Age is an important factor to consider as it impacts on how you grieve. In the article Grief Support for Older Adult

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