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April 30, 2015

Would you say that coping well is important?

Coping is a skill that allows us to salad toss our everyday busy lives. For many of us, the daily salad mix includes family members helping family members in this sandwich generation caregiving culture. As the zoomers continue to age, there are and will be more adult children not only caring for their own children…they will also be caring for their parents in varying degrees while also holding a job outside of the home....

April 11, 2015


We do not have to be rocket scientists to know that it takes more than motivation to make positive lasting change in our lives.  We require other qualities such as self-compassion, commitment, patience, and discipline.  We also need to be realistic. Have you ever wanted something so badly that you became overambitious in your abilities to achieve it, unrealistic- perhaps just a bit unrealistic?


It can be a challenge to be realistic when motivators tell you...

April 4, 2015


Take one...Action; Take two...Action...Unless we are acting for film or television, we can not redo our actions.  We can be satisfied, regret and ask forgiveness for our actions but we cannot take them back.


The fact that we can not take back our actions could serve as enough motivation for taking positive actions in our work, relationships and self-care. It is not that easy though when we indulge as diabetics in the sweets, when we spend countless hours on the...

April 1, 2015

What does grief have to do with the challenges that caregivers face while providing the needs for family members who are living with a serious chronic illness? As a culture, we have come to have tunnel-vision when it comes to grief. Even though there are many contexts where there is grief experienced, it is really most commonly associated with death. That may be the reason why grief does not get addressed in contexts other than death.  In order to associate grief...

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