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December 29, 2016

It is heartbreaking, contrary to the natural order, losing a child to death. Given that she died one day after her daughter's death, it is not surprising to read the USA Today headlines Could Debbie Reynolds have died of a broken heart?

In fact, there actually is a real medical condition called the broken heart syndrome that is related to experiencing a heartbreaking event involving situational loss. In the American Heart Association's article Is Broken Heart Syn...

December 4, 2016

Some thrive while others dive during the holiday season, a time when we are expected to be jolly and festive. When I made home visits as a community outreach social worker in dementia care, I would see many family caregivers get energized from the holiday spirit, decorating their homes inside and out despite the heavy care demands that they face. This time of year made them feel good. On the contrary, I also saw many caregivers go through the motions, wearing red...

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