Blog: Self Development Coaching

May 23, 2020

Adapting to adversity is a challenge. Adapting to life dealing with COVID-19 is certainly a challenge. There is no choice in having to cope with it but you do have choice in how you cope. I developed the 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist so that you can self monitor with self awareness, empowering you to apply adaptive rather than maladaptive ways of coping through adversity and loss.

Acknowledge and Assess For Yourself: Coping is a skill. Do...

May 14, 2020

      What is the " It" in "Keeping It Together" especially while dealing with COVID-19? You, as a family caregiver, may think "it" refers to having the resources required to provide the best care for your chronically ill family member. As a human being, you may think "it" means maintaining a healthy state of mind. As the author of Keeping It Together, I consider "it" in the context of you as a human being who is providing care, prompted...

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