Blog: Self Development Coaching

May 14, 2020

      What is the " It" in "Keeping It Together" especially while dealing with COVID-19? You, as a family caregiver, may think "it" refers to having the resources required to provide the best care for your chronically ill family member. As a human being, you may think "it" means maintaining a healthy state of mind. As the author of Keeping It Together, I consider "it" in the context of you as a human being who is providing care, prompted...

December 4, 2016

Some thrive while others dive during the holiday season, a time when we are expected to be jolly and festive. When I made home visits as a community outreach social worker in dementia care, I would see many family caregivers get energized from the holiday spirit, decorating their homes inside and out despite the heavy care demands that they face. This time of year made them feel good. On the contrary, I also saw many caregivers go through the motions, wearing red...

October 18, 2016

     Caregiver well-being is influenced by more than just the caregiver’s health. In dementia care or in attending to anyone with a chronic illness, the caregivers well-being is also influenced by the care demands. It is important to note that the demands and burden may be self-imposed by the way the caregiver interacts with the care recipient.

     One of the demands that takes a toll on family members of individuals with chronic cognitive and ment...

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