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June 29, 2015



Wherever there are challenges and adversity, there is situational loss.  One of the ways I help older family caregivers of the chronically ill, as a social worker and coach, is by training them to use the components of the 3-A Approach: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist  to process their situational losses.


Situational Loss is loss of a person, thing or quality resulting from an alteration of a life situation involving changes  related to , in addition to death,...

January 24, 2012

To get through life's problematic challenges, it helps to have the tools to cope. The 3-A Approach is such a  tool. There are assumptions related to applying the components of the 3-A Approach:Acknowledge, Assess, Assist® in addressing adversity and loss. The first assumption is that wherever there is adversity, there is loss. The second is that grief is a reaction to a significant loss. The third is that there are potential benefits of strengthened resiliency &...

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