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  Caregiving with Strength

                               for the Professional and Family Caregiver






 $19.95 Cdn incl GST. + shipping and handling




             Eleanor Silverberg's book is  

        A gift for the caregiving community


     --- Kenneth J. Doka, Senior Consultant, Hospice Foundation of America;

                                       Pioneer in Grief Studies




Buy for Only $9.99C

e-book Kindle Edition
















Click here for Eleanor's second book written just for family caregivers Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity - A Practical Guide with 12 K.I.T. Practice Exercises to help you apply Acknowledge,Assess,Assist

  Kenneth J. Doka is a Senior Consultant for the Hospice Foundation of America and major contributor to the field of thanatology, grief counseling and education. His contributions include developing  the construct of disenfranchised grief in diverse contexts, identifying that there are varied styles of grieving and naming them. As a prolific author, his books include Living with Grief: Alzheimer's disease and Caregiving and Loss.

  The introduction details the author, Eleanor Silverberg's personal experience with grief and family caregiving. Within the book, several common issues are covered such as caregiver stress, guilt, loneliness, and burnout.  A major issue explored is resistance to change and obtaining assistance as it is linked to loss and the caregiver grief.                         





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