Day/Day Lite

Closing the Gap Between the Healthcare Providers & Family Members;

Assisting to Unravel the Situational Losses of Adversity




Day: 3 Hours  or  Day-Lite: 1.5 Hours

For Professionals (Nurses, Social Workers, Case Managers, OTs, Administrators, etc.)


Includes overview of the 3-A Approach & using case scenarios to develop skills in:

  • Acknowledging and Assessing the care providers loss/grief experience

  • Assessing the impact that loss/grief has on the care providers’  behaviour

  • Assisting family members to adapt & cope

  • Assisting family members in initiating and maintaining self care to prevent burnout


Day or Day-Lite: 1.5 Hours

For Family Caregivers


Assisting Family Members of Individuals in Early Stage Dementia to Prepare for the Road Ahead





Strengthening the caregiver's coping resiliency through proactive education and  promoting self care strategies to address the upcoming situational losses™ that can occur with a progressive illness. Providing care for a family member with dementia becomes increasingly more demanding in time and patience as the disease progresses. It is wise to start preparing early in strengthening resiliency to prepare for what lies ahead in the latter stage of the disease. The earlier one identifies with the caregiving role, the better for becoming part of a community of caregivers, sharing strategies of coping, learning and supporting one another.
















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