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For Organizations/Agencies


Workshops  Geared for Professional Training of the 3-A Intervention Framework: Coping through Situational Loss




Presentations  A Variety of Topics including Tension Relief, Loss, Grief, Coping and Mindfulness





3-A Day or Day-Lite Accommodating Professionals and Family Caregivers on the Same Day 




Burnout Prevention Workshop Covering the Strength-Building Regimen based on Eleanor's books, Caregiving with Strength  and Keeping It Together (Geared For Professionals and Family Caregivers Welcome)




"A" Tips for Coping as a Caregiver A Two Part Workshop for Caregivers to Develop the Important Skill of Coping Through Loss and Adversity



Moving Forward Stronger: A 5-week group for family caregivers based on the strength-enhancing regimen practices presented in Eleanor's book Keeping It Together  using the 3-A Coping Framework AcknowledgeAssessAssist



Mindfulness Exercises for Dementia Based on the guidebook for professionals and family caregivers. Arrange to have mindfulness for dementia group sessions  at your residence or adult day program.


Some of these events are available online! Ask how!

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