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FREE Zoom Talk with Eleanor 

Tues. Dec 8, 2020, 7 - 8 pm

A Dozen Different Ways to Cope


With the holidays just around the corner and COVID preventing us from carrying on traditional celebrations, the winter season upon us and challenging life circumstances, coping can be especially difficult.


Join Eleanor for this engaging, light-hearted educational event familiarizing you with applying the 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist. We will explore together and rate different ways of coping. You will be assisted by acknowledging and assessing the coping styles that resonate specifically for you.

After acknowledging and assessing, you will have the opportunity to assist further by assessing if any tweaking is in order so that you may cope better during the holidays and into the winter season with COVID.

There will be Q & A/Discussion after the talk.

By self monitoring with self awareness applying the 3-A Coping Framework, you are genuinely getting in touch with yourself, facing reality and moving towards filling up your tool box with coping strategies to see you through adversity and loss. Awareness of your ways of coping is a major step towards coping with strength.

Treat yourself to Acknowledge, Assess, Assist!

Keeping you on your coping toes!

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