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Welcome! I am Eleanor and so glad that you have dropped by to obtain tips and learn about how I can assist you. I have combined my social work and grief expert skills to provide a unique service as a coping strategist™.
What does a Coping Strategist do?
We all have to cope daily, some days being more difficult than others. The key is how we cope. I provide tools in order for you to effectively cope on your own with the challenges you face.

Connecting with Nature is a tool to acknowledge for its coping benefits elevating mood, energizing, tension relief, Vitamin D and more. Assess for yourself...

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I offer individual and family sessions in my private practice applying and bringing to you the common sense, transforming 3-A Coping Framework I developed. The 3-A components Acknowledge, Assess, Assist® contain empowering methods within the framework to address your unique needs. A major objective is for you to be able to monitor yourself with awareness while coping through adversity & situational loss. 

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Under the Assist component of the 3-A Framework, there are several methods I can draw from to address your particular situation including

  • Grief Processing

  • Mindfulness

  • Cognitive Reframing

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Self Compassion

  • and More


Click below to treat yourself to an introductory 20 minute telephone chat. I will genuinely listen and we can asses how I can be of service to you.



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