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"   " Tips for Coping

A Two Part Workshop Series

For Family Members of Adults with Serious Chronic Conditions



For family caregivers, well-being and resiliency depends on their ability to cope with the challenges, losses and adversities they face. Coping is generally not a life skill that is taught and many do not pay attention to their means of coping with awareness.


In these two 3-hour workshops ideally spaced 1 week apart, participants learn to apply the 3-A components to Acknowledge, Assess, Assist  themselves in developing better coping skills by


  • Defining 'coping'

  • Relating coping to situational loss in dealing with family illness

  • Identifying over 16 coping styles

  • Strategizing to cope better



The workshop is based on the strength-building regimen presented in the book Keeping It Together featuring the components of the 3-A Coping Framework.




Inquire to see if the caregivers you serve would benefit from this pyscho-education workshop series for moving forward stronger!


Where's the Grief?


Grief is most commonly associated with situations where there has been a death. So what happens when people are grieving but nobody has died? Grief really is a part of everyday living.  It has been acknowledged without dispute that caring for a family member with chronic illness is a grieving experience. The grief can be expressed in many ways and can have a significant impact on the ability to cope.





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