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Individual Sessions



Are you going through a life altering situation?

Do you feel at a loss?

Is day to day coping difficult?

Could you use more strategies for your coping tool box?

Get heard and healed receiving coaching with Eleanor!

Service is covered under most Extended Health Care Benefits  

You will be provided with "A" Tips to Heal and Cope applying

The 3-A's Acknowledge, Assess, Assist® Coping Framework

   to Strengthen Your Inner Emotional Resiliency.

   You will get empowered to Self-Monitor with Self-Awareness for Self-Nurturing!

Find out more....  


'Moving Forward Empowered'


The objective of coaching with Eleanor Silverberg is to empower you, assist in strengthening your inner emotional resiliency and well-being through addressing adversity and the loss(es) stemming from the adverse circumstances you are facing, promoting self-monitoring with self-awareness for self-nurturing and burnout prevention. Helping you to fill up your coping toolbox with useful strategies.

Eleanor's specialty is to assist in empowering adults who are providing care for frail parents or family members living with chronic illnesses such as MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or other related dementias. She also is a strong proponent of mindfulness (paying attention in the moment thinking) as a model to help you cope. She has created exercises for adults of any cognitive level to participate in the practice and potentially benefit. 


Click Here to arrange an Introductory 20 Minute Telephone Chat with Eleanor!


Click Here to arrange an Introductory 20 Minute Telephone Chat with Eleanor!

Eleanor listens....
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