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Mindfulness involves paying attention and staying focused on what is going on in the present moment.....Easy to say, but hard to do especially when you have a short attention span and hard time turning off your thoughts, the mind chatter.


Here is a modified version of mindfulness practice that anyone can benefit from to improve concentration, focus and relieve tension. This version can be customized to accommodate  people of all ages and cognitive levels.  One session involves participating through a series of engaging brief exercises interspersed with brief breathing meditations to help you calmly pay attention while engaging in the moment.

Experience it at least once and you will want to experience it again and again!

Sessions are available for individuals, pairs e.g. caregiver/care recipient, groups and/or organizations. A single session or multiple sessions can be booked.

Under the Coping Framework of Acknowledge, Assess, Assist®

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 Mindfulness for Everyone 


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