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Providing Empowering Support & Education to Enhance Resiliency

Based on the books: Keeping It Together

                                        Caregiving with Strength


5 weeks    


Do you want to provide the family caregivers you are assisting with clarity? relief ? strength? to cope with the caregiving challenges/life challenges they are experiencing? 


Facing the Losses offers what you are looking for for them to Move Forward Stronger



Where's the Grief?


It has been acknowledged without dispute that caring for a family member with chronic illness is a grieving experience. The grief can be expressed in many ways and can have a significant impact on the ability to provide care and maintain one's well-being. Grief is most commonly associated with situations where there has been a death. So what happens when people are grieving but nobody has died?  


Symptoms of grief mimic depression so commonly, the grief is overlooked and caregivers obtain a diagnosis of depression and a prescription for an anti-depressant to relieve the pain.  Although helpful, the grief remains unresolved, unaddressed. 


Awareness of the losses and processing the grief, while difficult is worthwhile. The experience of grief processing taps into a powerful resource for human transformation, empowering in strengthening resiliency, well-being and personal growth.


This 5 week group Moving Forward Stronger: Facing the Losses provides a safe & comfortable place with a qualified facilitator for family members to learn & explore the specialized 3-A Approach for enhancing personal caregiver resiliency. They will


  • Acknowledge the losses and changes stemming from the illness.

  • Assess the impact of the losses

  • Assist in processing the emotional turmoil to move forward stronger.



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Moving Forward Stronger:

Facing the Losses


















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