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Eleanor Silverberg: Caregiver for Caregivers

Interviewed by Peter Dennis, host of Expanding Consciousness with Peter Dennis


Meet Eleanor Silverberg

Caregiving Matters

Eleanor tells you about herself, personally and professionally


On Keeping It Together : How to cope without losing your sanity

In this podcast, Eleanor encourage caregivers to process their loss and grief

for their own benefit to strengthen resiliency.


'Advance Directives: What Does Grief Have To Do With It?'

Caregiving Matters

Power of Attorney Project


'Caregiving and Dementia: Unmasking the Spouse's Hidden Grief' 

Voice America, Family Caregivers Unite

Hear from Eleanor and the first family caregiver that she provided help in addressing loss and grief.




Presentation done at the ABCs of Caregiving Workshop in King City, Ontario

Coping as a Caregiver


Two Videos Below were each Presentations from Caregiving Matters Event that was held

at the Toronto Reference Library Older Caregivers Cafes

Caregiver Connection: Sharing, Listening, Learning from One Another

Care for the Caregivers: Relieving Tension, Finding Balance


Webinar for Caregivers Sponsored by VHA Home Healthcare

Highlighting the 3-A Selfie Coping Tool #AcknowledgeAssessAssist

"A" Coping Tips for Daily Self Monitoring


























































































































































from Mindfulness for Dementia  
(4 min. breathing meditation)
Not as Closely Guided  (6 min.)

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