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            Changing Colors, Changing Moods

                         Making Time for Relaxing Visual Meditation








Mindfulness as an Assisting Coping Strategy

Eleanor explains what mindfulness is and the modified program she devised in her book Mindfulness Exercises for Dementia (you do not have to have dementia to apply and benefit from this modified program).






Mindfulness as an Assisting Coping Strategy

Eleanor talks about being mindful as you are getting older of safety in your daily living activities.









Adapting from Situations of Loss and Adversity

In this 13 min. podcast, Eleanor explains the 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist as a means of adapting from situations of adversity and loss

Preview of Eleanor's Mindfulness Exercises for Everyone Program

In this 6 min. podcast, Eleanor uses attention to sound along with breathing meditation to give you a taste of her assisting Mindfulness Exercises for Everyone Program

Eleanor Silverberg: Caregiver for Caregivers

Interviewed on the program Expanding Consciousness with Peter Dennis


Meet Eleanor Silverberg

Caregiving Matters

Eleanor tells you about herself, personally and professionally

'Advance Directives: What Does Grief Have To Do With It?'

Caregiving Matters

Power of Attorney Project


'Caregiving and Dementia: Unmasking the Spouse's Hidden Grief' 

Voice America, Family Caregivers Unite

Hear from Eleanor and the first family caregiver that she provided help in addressing loss and grief.



























































































































































from Mindfulness for Dementia  
(4 min. breathing meditation)
Not as Closely Guided 
(6 min. breathing meditation)

                Making Time for Relaxation Meditation

 Making Time for Gratitude Meditation

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