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Does Guilt Weigh You Down?

Do you feel guilty on occasion or more than on occasion or frequently? Does guilt weigh you down? Can you imagine how much easier your life would be without it gnawing at you? Are you ready to let it go, drop the charges, ease the guilt to cope easier and feel more at peace?

Following is Sheryl P's account of her experience dealing with her guilt as a family caregiver who was always there for her daughter for years in and out of intensive care*:

" At one time, I did not even know that taking care of me, and not always putting

the needs of my daughter first, was an option. It was just what I had always done

as a mother with a sick child. The first time I ever even thought I could put my needs first happened after many long days sitting in Intensive Care supporting my daughter,

not knowing if she would live or die. Sadly, this has been a fairly frequent event in our

lives. Every few years since she was a teenager, I have almost lost her. My daughter’s body has formed clots that shut down her internal organs, or she gets an internal

bleed that leads to severe infections. This has become a regular part of our lives. It is

always difficult to go through these periods of not knowing what is going to happen

each day, whether she will live or die. It has always been difficult for me when this

happens and I tend to get overwhelmed by it all and I did not know that taking care

of me first was even possible.

Once, after many days of sitting at the bedside in intensive care with my daughter,

she woke up out of the coma she was in and started to get better. The most beautiful

sound in the world to me was that simple “Hi” when she finally came out of the crisis

that shut her body down at the time. My daughter, who is also a registered nurse,

looked at me and saw how exhausted I was. She told me to go home and stay at home

the next day to get some rest. At that time, I did not even know that I had the option of putting my need for rest ahead of my job as supportive mother. I did not know I

had a choice. So, I stayed home, the first time in a couple of weeks. Yes, I felt very

guilty all day, but I gave myself permission to sleep in, relax, take a nap, watch TV and

just take care of me for a change. After resting, I felt so much better and was able to

resume my role as supportive mom. "

 It took a long time for Sheryl to Acknowledge, Assess, Assist, to ease the guilt to cope easier. Let's explore, is guilt genetic or environmental? Learn how guilt affects mental wellbeing, how to drop the charges with a description of the 3-A Coping Framework and how to use the 3-As in the context of easing your guilt.

Webinar: Coping Made Easier by Easing Your Guilt

Friday, March 1st, 12 pm

Fee: $15

Click here to register and obtain the Zoom link

*Sheryl P's experience is from an excerpt of my book "Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity"

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