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Workshop Testimonials

Erin Henderson

U of T Workshop Attendee, Grief Interventions for Situations that Impact

Loss and grief are faced by everyone throughout their lives and this model has provided a way to begin to understand how to help others no matter what the circumstances of the loss are.

Patricia Taylor

U of T Professional Workshop Attendee, Grief Interventions for Situations that Impact

I believe the Model  of Acknowledge, Assess and Assist will help me not only with my own practice, but to help individuals put this model in practice for themselves. 

Vita I.

Workshop Participant, Moving Forward with Strength

"Care-giving for a parent with dementia was, for me a lot, like navigating through uncharted territories.  Confusion and frustration reigned supreme.  Eleanor's carefully planned sessions helped me to navigate through intense emotions, feelings of  isolation and of being stuck etc. to arrive at a more realistic place.  To acknowledge and assess my situation in a safe, supportive,  non-judgmental environment assisted and empowered me to move forward in a more practical and constructive fashion.  I am especially appreciative of Eleanor's ability to listen attentively and respond with empathy to our individual circumstances.  The group setting provided additional support.   Everyone around me  is benefiting as I attempt to bring the skills learned to other life situations".

Marlene D.

"The major lesson I took from the sessions was to concentrate on 'self-care' and overcoming guilt when thinking about taking care of me." 

Joanne C.

"When I had to face the reality that we could no longer care for my father at home because of his dementia, placement in a long-term care facility was inevitable.  It was an extremely difficult time for me and I struggled with the decision.  I felt incredible guilt and failure as a daughter.  Attending Eleanor’s group carried me through a very difficult time and helped me adjust to the role shift as a caregiver.  Eleanor helped me to identify, acknowledge and manage my emotions so that I could cope, while balancing the rest of my life.     Eleanor helped me realize that I was grieving and taught me practical strategies to manage my feelings so that I could cope with the grief, loss and life changes.  By the end of the group sessions, I felt stronger and able to deal with the changes and challenges that I faced.  Eleanor lends an empathetic and skilled approach as she is highly qualified as a social worker however she also understands grief and loss as a caregiver herself.  She is skilled at facilitating a group yet her personalized attention to each member’s unique experience helped me to reflect on my own personal areas of growth and healing.   I would highly recommend Eleanor’s group for any caregiver dealing with dementia or any other mental illness."

Susan K.

"I felt that the group enabled me to step outside what I was wrapped up in with my mother, and evaluate how I was feeling. Using the methods introduced I realized that I needed to start to take slightly more time for me, and face the fact that if I was burnt out I would be no help to my mother". 

Rick S.

"Life goes on, life changes and you have to change with it.  I wasn't until I went to the group"

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