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Running Away or Facing It: Normalizing Grief

Today I watched the best dramatization portraying grief that I have ever seen and that is something for me, being a grief specialist of death and nondealth losses. I want to share it.

Allow me to set the set the stage for you. The five minute scene is from the series Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 23 ( 22:11 - 26:30) that can be viewed on Netflix: Amelia, a brilliant surgeon and recovering addict is struggling with how to face the grief from her past losses and from the most recent - her brother, Dr. Derek Sheppard's death.

After viewing the scene, I hope you will allow yourself to reflect and acknowledge,assess, assist in normalizing your own grief. Running away may seem easier but in the long run is ineffective as a solution. Facing it is a means of coping that offers benefits including connection, resolve and peace of mind - light at the end of a dark tunnel. Reach out if you need is a strength, not a weakness to seek help when needed.

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