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Individual Therapeutic Coaching

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I offer individual and family sessions in my private practice applying and bringing to you the common sense transforming 3-A Coping Framework I developed. The 3-A components of Acknowledge, Assess, Assist contain empowering methods to address your unique needs, empowering you to be able to Monitor Yourself with Awareness while coping through adversity and situational loss.

Methods within the Framework include:

  • Grief Processing

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-Compassion

  • Cognitive Reframing

  • The Parts Work of Internal Family Systems

3-A Training

for Your Clients/Employees

Coping with Strength is a virtual wellness program applying the 3-A Coping Framework:
Acknowledge, Assess, Assist ®.


The objective of this psychoeducational five-session series is to empower by providing your clients/employees with the coping tools to monitor themselves with awareness through various challenges of adversity and situational loss. They are equipped to strengthen inner resiliency through training in applying the innovative components and some of the methods of the 3-A Coping Framework. The methods include Grief Processing, Mindfulness and Internal Family

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