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Individual Sessions

Are you going through a life altering situation?

Do you feel at a loss?

Is day to day coping difficult?

Could you use more strategies for your coping tool box?

Get heard and healed receiving virtual coaching with me!

*Servicing Ontario Residents

Service is covered under most Extended Health Care Benefits.

Fee: $185/hour 


In addition to being a grief expert addressing a variety of situational losses, I also have a long history in strengthening inner emotional resiliency for caregivers of frail parents or family members living with chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s, other related dementias or brain injury. 

By applying Acknowledge, Assess, Assist ®, you are equipped to move forward empowered to nurture and monitor yourself with awareness. We will identify the adversity and situational losses stemming from the challenges you are facing. As a 3-A coping strategist, I will help you to fill up your coping toolbox with useful strategies.

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