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Keeping It Together: 
How to Cope as a Family Caregiver

without Losing Your Sanity  

  • Providing a strength enhancing coping regimen that addresses the common and often unspoken challenges

  • A cocoon in the form of a book allows for transformation to occur at the reader's pace - self-help at its best

  • Offering exercises that make it a hands-on experience in applying the book's content

This book stands out by recognizing the losses and grief involved while caregiving, helping you to process the losses and grief using the 3-A Coping Framework #AcknowledgeAssessAssist.

Paperback Version

19.95 CA$ incl tax

plus shipping/handling

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E-book Version

“Keeping It Together” is helping me to ‘keep it together’! As full-time, caregiver for my husband who is living with dementia, I find  Eleanor Silverberg’s practical wisdom and encouragement in the pages of her book a desired and welcome support. The incorporation of the “voices” of actual caregivers throughout the book provided a point of connection and companionship for me. The “KIT” exercises are a gentle invitation to claim the book’s content in light of my own challenging journey."


A devoted caregiver for her spouse 

"Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver Without Losing Your Sanity" is a source of hope. Eleanor Silverberg's three-step program, acknowledge, assess, assist, is insightful and workable. The caregiver role is one that contains grief, according to Silverberg, and she makes this point clearly. She urges beginning and experienced caregivers like me to practice self-care. Her book is well organized, easy to read, contains helpful exercises, and a topical reference list. Keeping It Together is a family caregiver's lifeline--strength for the present, hope for the future."

Harriet Hodgson's, Review, Caregiver and Author of The Grandma Force

“Silverberg's Keeping It Together focuses on your welfare as the care provider for a chronically ill family member. A must-read if you do not want to lose yourself in the caregiving world or if you are losing yourself and need to find your way to move forward with more resilience to 'keep it together'. Silverberg combines compassion and innovation in providing tools to tackle common but often unspoken challenges that family caregivers face and in providing an opportunity to come out the other end more personally enriched.”


Mary Bart

Founder and Chair, Caregiving Matters

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Mindfulness Exercises for Dementia

Do you work in a setting that assists people living with dementia - a residence or adult day program?

Do you support or provide care in your home for a family member who has Alzheimer's or a similar condition?

Are you a researcher in the field of dementia?  If so, this 60 pg. guidebook with online resources is for you! 

The author combined her expertise in dementia with her extensive mindfulness training to introduce a modified mindful program that accommodates for the cognitive deficits. Please also note, you do not have to have dementia to benefit from this book! It is also for the mindfully challenged.

19.95 CA$ incl tax

plus shipping/handling

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"The book was fabulous, as is the author! I more or less used most of the practices in my mindfulness training at a Phoenix based senior center for people with dementia and they loved it!" 


Joy R.,

Review on,

"Eleanor Silverberg has written a very practical guide that fills a gap in the area of mindfulness – a practice that has become very popular in recent years. Research is emerging on the benefits of mindfulness meditation. In this new guide for professionals and family care partners, Eleanor has taken the traditional practices and exercises and has adapted them and tested them so that people living with moderate symptoms of dementia, with support from their care partners, can also reap the benefits of mindfulness."


Lisa Loiselle

Associate Director, Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON Canada

"In this accessible and wonderfully pragmatic book, Eleanor Silverberg offers a compelling blended approach for coping with the stresses of looking after a family member with Dementia.. By showing how mindful awareness, as a first step, can support compassion and resilience, this book is an important resource for both caregivers and those who benefit from their care."


​Zindel V. Segal, Ph.D.,. C. Psych

Co-author of The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness

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Introducing the 3-A Grief Intervention Approach

Article published in the Omega Journal of Death and Dying, Vol. 54

This 2007 article is working in the development of the 3-A Coping Framework originally devised to assist dementia family caregivers.  The objective also was to raise situational loss and grief awareness and to fill a gap in clinical practice.

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Am I a Light, Middle or Heavy Weight Caregiver?

There are many levels of providing care from paying bills for a family member to assisting with all the activities of daily living including dressing and bathing. This questionnaire raises awareness of the varying levels and the weight you are carrying.

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