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Mindfulness Exercises for Dementia by Eleanor Silverberg

About Mindfulness
Kabat-Zinn J (2016) Mindfulness for Beginners, Reclaiming the Present and Your Life. Sounds True, Boulder.
Click Here for Kabat-Zinn J (2016) Mindfulness for Beginners, Audiobook.
Click Here for Oprah Winfrey Network. Why You Do Your Best Thinking in the Shower.
Click Here for McMillan A (2015). Monkey Mind to Mindfulness. Everyday Mindfulness.
Click Here for Selva J (2017) History of Mindfulness from East to West and Religion to Science.
Click Here Thich Nhat Hanh What is Mindfulness?
About Dementia
Click Here for the Alzheimer Society of Canada Website Page Describing Dementia.
Mace, N & Rabins, P (2017) The 36 Hour Day: A Family Gude to Caring for People who have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementia or Memory Loss (6th Ed.). John Hopkins Press. Baltimore.
Intervention Research and Practice
Click Here for Chan, J (2015). A Mindfulness Programme for People with Dementia in Care Homes:
A Feasibility Pilot Study. Doctorate Thesis, University College London.
Churcher Clarke, A, Chan, J.M.Y, Stott, J, et. al. (2017).  An adapted mindfulness intervention for people with dementia in care homes: feasibility pilot study. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.
Click Here for Lantz et. al (1997) The Wellness Group: a novel intervention for coping with disruptive behavior among elderly nursing home residents.
Martins, C (2014). Mindfulness Based Interventions for Older Adults: Evidence for Practice. Jessica Kinsley. Philadelphia.
McBee, L (2008). Mindfulness Based Elder Care: A CAM Model for Frail Elders and their Caregivers. Springer. NY.
Sawatsky, J (2017). Dancing with Elephants: Mindfulness Training for Those Living with Dementia, Chronic Illness, or and Aging Brain. Red Canoe Press.
Music: Setting the Ambience
Click Here  for Music to Cleanse of Negative Energy at Home. New Vibrations.
Click Here  for Meditation Music for Positive Energy. Meditation and Healing.
Click Here  for Connect Body, Mind, Soul, Find Inner Peace. YellowBrickCinema.
Click Here for Which Hand?
Click Here for Wall, Ceiling, Floor.
Click Here for 5 Easy Magic Tricks Kids Can Do. EvanEraTV.
Click Here for Balloon Toss with Partner.
Click Here for the Listening Game, Listening and Attention Skills. Mister Teach.

Click Here  Sounds of Animal, Transportation and More. Annie Sullivan.

Storytelling: Wizard of Oz with Musical Accompaniment
Click Here  for Somewhere Over the Rainbow Instrumental Piano. Piano girl.
Click Here  for Follow the Yellow Brick Road. joline1160.
Click Here  for If I Only Had a Brain, Video and Lyrics. mwa1928.
Click Here for If I Only Had a Heart. Mike Reardon.                                                    
Click Here  for If I Only Had the Nerve. Cinema Cut.    
Repetitions: Mantras
Click Here for satanama 11 minutos, Kirtan Kriya chant
Click Here  for How to do the Kundalini Yoga Sa Ta Na Ma Ehowhealth.
Click Here  for Kirtan Kriya Singing Exercise Alzheimer's Research & Prevention Foundation.
Click Here  for Yoga and Kirtan Kriya  Bolster Brain Functioning Psychology Today.
Click Here for 8 Benefits of  Chanting the Powerful Mantra "Om"  Collective Evolution.
Click Here  for Mantras 101: The Benefits, How to Use and Examples. The Journey Junkie.
​Body Awareness
Click Here for The Power of Hand Mudras and Their Meaning. Azulfit.
Click Here for The Healing Power of Your Hands. Fractal Enlightenment.
Click Here  for Hand Mudra - Namaste.
Click Here for Body Chants/Repetitions:  Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes.....Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose.
Click Here for Face Yoga - 6 Exercises. Marie Claire.
Click Here for Facial Yoga - Full Lesson. The Vitalist.
Click Here for Rubbing Hands to Create Energy.
Click Here for Stroking One Hand with Another Hand.
Click Here for Clapping Hands Patterns.
Click Here for Fingers and Nails Massage.
Sign Language : Using Body and Facial Expressions
Click Here  for Sign Language of Greetings and Emotions. Eleanor Silverberg.
Click Here  for Learning Signing Language. Dementia Daze Dosage.
Click Here  for Facial Expressions.
Visual Focus
Click Here for Rotating Musical Butterfly used in the Moment Visual Focus Exercise.
Guided Breathing Meditation
Click Here for a demonstration of close guided breathing meditation with a count
Future Directions
Click here for How to Change the Brain through Mindfulness with Daniel Goleman. Life Hacker.









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