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3-A Training
for Your Clients/Employees

A Virtual Wellness Program for Your Clients/Employees

Coping with Strength

Applying the 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist ®

*Servicing Ontario Residents

Coping with Strength is a virtual wellness program. The objective of this psychoeducational five-session series is to empower by providing your clients/employees with the coping tools to monitor themselves with awareness through various challenges of adversity and situational loss. They are equipped to strengthen inner resiliency through training in applying the innovative components of the 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist. Training is also provided for some of the methods used from the Assist component of the Coping Framework.


Session 1: Acknowledging & Addressing the Situational Loss Experience

  • Identifying three elements of a strength enhancing regimen with a focus on the element unmasking the different types of losses encountered in life altering adverse situations. Also, the components of the 3-A Coping Framework are described as a means of addressing the situational losses.

Session 2: Assess Your Experience: From Calm to Overwhelming Reaction

  • Exploring and raising awareness of the reaction, not only to loss due to death but also to the losses that are experienced in various other adverse situations (e.g. illness in the family, job loss). Specific reactions and different styles of coping with the situational losses are assessed.

Session 3: Assist to Self Nurture: Grief Processing

  • Providing tips with an emphasis on the assist method of grief processing to address loss, offering empowering guidance to monitor yourself with self awareness for wellbeing and directing how to apply the 3-A Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist for optimum coping as it was originally designed as a means to address loss

Session 4: Assist to Self Nurture: Mindfulness for Everyone

  • Training and demonstrating the assist method of mindfulness for everyone within the 3-A Coping Framework, describing conventional mindfulness and then moving into a modified version to include those assessed as mindfully challenged whether it be due to cognitive deficits or due to difficulty following the conventional practice (eg. racing thoughts that make it difficult to sit for a lengthy duration)

Session 5: Assist to Self Nurture: Introducing Internal Family Systems

  • Training and providing insight into the assist psychosocial, nonpathological method of internal family systems. This method fits well within the 3-A Coping Framework, empowering to monitor yourself with awareness as a system of parts with an inherent core of compassion, curiousity, confidence and more.

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