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Adapting from Situations of Adversity and Loss

In this podcast, I explain the 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist as a means of adapting from situations of adversity and loss. (13 min.)

Mindfulness Exercises for Everyone: A preview

In this podcast, I use attention to sound along with breathing meditation to give you a taste of my assisting Mindfulness Exercises for Everyone Program. (6 min.)

Caregivers: Buried Losses Revealed

In this episode I reveal the different kinds of losses faced by family caregivers of adults with Alzheimer's disease or other chronic ongoing conditions.  

Acknowledging the losses serves in providing a context in working towards strengthened resiliency and well being. (15 min.)

Buried Losses Revealed for Everyone to Help Through Adversity

In this episode, examples are used applying the 3-A's, Acknowledge Assess Assist as a coping tool to monitor yourself with awareness. I explain the different types of loss that can stem from and accompany an adverse circumstance. (13 min.)

Liberating the Guilty Family Caregiver

The 3-A Coping Framework is applied with tips to liberate you from the oppressive feelings of guilt to relieve caregiver distress and strengthen inner resiliency. (14 min.)

Unmasking the Spouse's Hidden Grief

Caregiving and Dementia: Voice America, Family Caregivers Unite

Hear from Eleanor and the first family caregiver that she provided help in addressing loss and grief. (56 min.)

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