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Resetting Emotions with Awareness and Tenderness

How aware are you of what you are feeling? Are you angry, sad, lonely, feeling guilty? My 3-A Coping Approach: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist sets the framework to help you self monitor with self awareness, empowering you to cope through adversity and loss. You assist yourself by acknowledging and assessing so you can stay in touch with your emotions. Being in touch is vital. How can you really assist yourself if you are not aware of the emotions you are experiencing in the moment?

Once you assess and acknowledge you are feeling angry, sad or scared, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to obtain instant uplifting tools to assist you? The good news is that there is an app for that. The Reset Zone App was created to help you find simple solutions to every day life challenges that can cause you to feel overwhelmed or disrupted by disturbing emotions. With brief video instructions that are easy to follow, you are tenderly guided to take one minute to reset and unlock your ultimate potential.

I am one of the experts offering a tool on the Reset Zone App. I guide you through a one minute consoling reset using your hands and your senses of touch and hearing. The mindful soothing touch taken from my book of mindfulness exercises involves a movement where you cross one hand over the other, then simply and slowly stroke the top of one hand with the palm of the other hand. Keep repeating the motion, bringing your hands close to your ears to hear the calming sound of the stroking movement. You can then switch hands or continuously alternate hands. By using the sense of sound and touch and paying close attention to the movement, a reset of emotions will potentially occur.

It is empowering to build up your coping resources applying the 3-A Framework Approach, being able to acknowledge, assess, assist to stay in touch with your emotions. With emotional awareness, you are effectively equipped to use the Reset Zone App, accessing the one-minute tools available at your fingertips and tenderly resetting your emotions as needed.

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