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What's Mindfulness for Everyone About?

Are you the least bit curious about mindfulness? I started offering the "Mindfulness for Everyone Workshop" subsequent to writing my guidebook Mindfulness for Dementia. that contains a mindful program adapted for every cognitive level so anyone can benefit from the practice. Even though the title claims to be for people with dementia, it is also for people who do not have dementia as well. It came to my attention from speaking to many individuals that there are a great many cognitively intact individuals who do not have a clear understanding of mindfulness and its benefits. There are also many who have an understanding but find the means of achieving the skill of practicing mindfulness challenging. Thus, it became apparent that the content of my guidebook can also accommodate those who are mindfully challenged. Once obtaining this awareness, I proceeded to create a means for all people to gain understanding and achieve the skill - by offering sessions of "Mindfulness for Everyone".

Mindfulness is an assisting practice that fits into my Acknowledge, Assess, Assist Coping Framework. The practice assists you to cope by reducing your tension while going through adversity and situational loss. It involves present moment living, being non-judgmental and practicing self compassion - definitely easier said than done. The benefits of living mindfully include increased concentration, attentiveness, tension reduction and calmness. The benefits definitely make it worth the effort of developing this skilled practice.

Workshop attendees are given a simple, clear explanation of what it means to practice mindfulness and then participate in a series of exercises that assist them to focus and pay attention in the moment. The format can best be explained as "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Sessions are educational, engaging and enjoyable. I hope to have sparked your interest in exploring mindfulness for your #AcknowledgeAssessAssist coping toolbox.

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