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How are You Coping with COVID-19? Adaptive vs. Maladaptive

Adapting to adversity is a challenge. Adapting to life dealing with COVID-19 is certainly a challenge. There is no choice in having to cope with it but you do have choice in how you cope. I developed the 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist so that you can self monitor with self awareness, empowering you to apply adaptive rather than maladaptive ways of coping through adversity and loss.

Acknowledge and Assess For Yourself: Coping is a skill. Do you think adapting in positive ways is more beneficial than maladaptive behavior? For instance, do you think over consumption of alcohol or drugs is going to result in maintaining your energy and mood better than daily exercise and good eating habits? Is staying up all hours of the night going to assist in your daily functioning better than getting ample rest and sleep?

Assist Yourself Adaptive coping is a skill you can develop by starting with the intention to cope well. The more positive strategies that you can gather for your coping tool box, the better. Consider the basics in the SEEE For Yourself strategy that include good daily habits of Sleep, Eating, Exercise and Enjoyment. Participating in enjoyable activities assists

in countering the grief from adversity and loss. Enjoyment may include watching your favorite program or having a telephone conversation with a dear family member or friend. Enjoying a glass of wine or bowl of ice cream will assist when you self monitor with awareness of how much you are consuming to prevent maladaptive coping.

It may be easier to unconsciously delve into maladaptive ways of coping. but the outcomes are better when you empower yourself to consciously choose self monitoring with self awareness. #AcknowledgeAssessAssist

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