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Award for 3-A Coping Framework Articles

"Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise."

As an executive contributor, below are my resourceful articles that have been published thus far this year in Brainz Magazine. The articles provide information and insight on the innovative 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist, an empowering tool to help you to monitor with awareness through adversity and loss. The 3-A tool was originally devised for family caregivers to address their grief while at the same time providing dementia care and they are featured in my book "Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity"

The 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist has since been broadened to be applied in a variety of life altering situations involving adversity and loss such as MS and Parkinson's caregiving, job loss and divorce.

Each article is a brief 2-minute read:

Click Here Will this Grief Ever End?

Click Here Is Alzheimer's or Dementia in Your Family?

Click Here Three Ways of Transforming Your Grief

Click Here What's the It in Keeping It Together

Click Here On the Job Family Care - In Sickness and Health

I am pleased to have been one of the honorees presented the CREA Global Award 2022 by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee in recognition for creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or contribution to sustainability and mental health projects.

Feel free to peruse this website for more beneficial resources such as mindful breathing meditations, relaxation and gratitude meditations on the podcast/videos page.


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