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Person Centred Coping through Situational Loss

During good or bad days, we are always coping with something. It is on the bad days when you are facing serious challenges such as relationship issues, family illness, workplace conflict or death that it is beneficial to have the tools to cope most effectively. I developed the 3-A Coping Framework just for that purpose, to work through a variety of adverse circumstances from a loss perspective.

The 3-A Coping Framework originated from the 2007 article I wrote while doing

community outreach social work in dementia care: Introducing the 3-A Grief Intervention Model for Dementia Family Caregivers: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist. The article, published in The Omega Journal of Death and Dying, filled a gap by raising awareness and addressing the losses and grief that affect the dementia family caregivers experience. Over the years, since being published, the 3-As broadened out to be used in other caregiving circumstances such as Parkinson’s and MS and then broadened out further to what it is now, a coping framework for different situational losses such as job, death and aging related loss.

Learn more as I speak about the 3-A Framework and more with Jane Teasedale, co-owner of Mosaic Homecare and Community Resource Centre

Also available as a podcast:

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