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A Major Stepping Stone for Helpers to Prevent Burnout

Freud really had something in developing his psychoanalytic method of making the unconscious conscious to create insight, a major stepping stone for problem resolution. In other words, self-awareness acts as an aid for coping with adverse circumstances. So, are you aware of yourself or are you unconsciously keeping secrets from yourself, perhaps secrets you do not or cannot presently face? Another question - what are the consequences for care recipients when helpers who have others depending on them daily resist facing symptoms of burnout - a state where they can not function properly?

For family care providers and helping professionals, a major stepping stone for preventing burnout is self-awareness, acknowledging the symptoms before they get worse. Burnout does not just happen. There is a journey one takes to get there, which can start with acknowledging a change in your reactions while providing care for family members, patients or clients. Are you being less patient, becoming more agitated or having more difficulty sleeping than usual? Assessing by answering these types of questions is your way of consciously acknowledging whether or not you are starting or beyond starting on a journey that is not pretty....burnout.

This major stepping stone of acknowledgement and self-awareness requires that we be honest with ourselves. Being true with ourselves can lead to self-assistance . So assess the situation for yourself. In assessing, you may acknowledge that assistance may be helpful to strengthen resiliency and prevent burnout. Please keep in mind, it is not a weakness to seek out assistance when required but rather it is a strength that can lead to positive outcomes - if you allow it.

You are invited to visit and check out the Care-giving with Strength Programs available including the Burnout Prevention Workshop and Training on the 3-A Approach for addressing loss and adversity.

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