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Caregiving Questionnaire: Light to Heavy Weight

Caregiving for a parent, spouse or other close relation comes in all different shapes and sizes. The role may involve light duties from setting up medical appointments to heavier ones like assisting with feeding and dressing. In addition to the weight of the role, other factors such as care recipients needs, relationship dynamics, supports and resources play a part in the experience.

In my recent Brainz magazine article "Are You a Light, Middle or Heavy Weight Caregiver" I apply the components of my 3-A Coping Framework: Acknowledge, Assess, Assist so you may monitor with awareness the specifics of your caregiving experience. Assisting by acknowledging and assessing serves to inform and raise awareness which will hopefully benefit for coping in the role.

Click here to get the Article:

"Are You a Light, Middle or Heavy Weight Caregiver?"

If coping is a challenge, you can arrange a 20 min. complimentary coaching session for further assistance.


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