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Overwhelmed? Tips to Assist You

Do you ever get into a stupor where you are so overwhelmed you do not know what to do first? Perhaps you are feeling this way now. Prioritizing is an empowering go-to strategy to assist you in sorting out the “mess” and prevent you from becoming immobilized. You can prioritize by writing out, acknowledging a list of what needs to get done and then assessing what needs to get done first. Prioritizing the list helps to get you on track. Key is writing it down rather than formulating the list in your head. By writing it down, you can sort things out clearer and refer back to it. This is an empowering means for you to self monitor with self awareness. The same is true when you are overwhelmed with emotion. In the midst of situations involving adversity and situational loss, you may experience so many emotions at the same time. Consequently, you can lose touch with your feelings and ability to deal with them - another loss. An exercise using the emotional whirlwind illustration can assist you to acknowledge the emotions you are feeling as well as those you are not feeling. Then assessing which are the prominent emotions assists you in prioritizing the emotions and what you need to work on. The illustration serves as a printed guide so you can acknowledge, assess, assist.

List the emotions from the whirlwind you are experiencing and those you are not experiencing. Add any emotions you acknowledge feeling that are not on the emotional whirlwind. Then circle one or two of the prominent emotions. It may be sadness, anger, fear. Also acknowledge and assess the intensity. For instance, are you afraid or petrified? Are you angry or in rage? When overwhelmed, allow yourself to assist yourself and prevent immobilization. Get empowered by monitoring yourself with awareness. Sort out and get on track by using the prioritize strategy, writing it down to acknowledge and assess so you can access the strategies that will be best for assisting purposes. If you need further guidance, reach out. It is a strength, not a weakness to ask for assistance.


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